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NASA Northeast

The story of AZP and NASA Northeast goes back almost as far as time itself.  Adam, Zephyr and Paisan (AZP) started doing track days with NASA Northeast in November 2002 and have been NASA Instructors since 2003.  Adam and Paisan have done countless HPDE Events, Instruction and Racing over the years with NASA.  Adam continues to instruct in NASA NE and is the Official Pace Car Driver for NASA NE and Paisan has served as Race Director on both the Regional and National Levels and continues to be the Chief of Timing and Scoring for NASA NE.  Due to our relationship with NASA, we are happy to offer a discount to all NEW NASA members. If you join NASA this year before our event, as a Novice you will pay the Advanced Driver rate but get the benefits of a Novice w/Mentor.  Additionally NASA Northeast will be giving us a coupon code to attend one of their HPDE events at a discount.  The combination discount from AZP and NASA Northeast will MORE than offset the cost of the membership!  How can you beat that? Click on the logos below to see the world of NASA.


 NASA Logo