AZP Track Events

Welcome to the Addiction!

What are the AZP Track Policies?

Full refund of fees less a $50 processing fee up to 30 days prior to event.

No refunds will be given within 30 days, unless the track cancels and refunds our deposit.

Unfortunately we can't issue refunds or credits within 30 days of the event as your spot is reserved for you and we don't oversell our events so if you back out within 30 days we have a hard time filling your spot.

Vehicle Inspections:

Make sure your vehicle will pass inspection before registering for the event.  All participants must comply with Chapter 62 of the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Racetrack Regulations. Copies of Chapter 62 are available for by clicking here.  It is highly suggested that you get a pre-tech inspection completed prior to the event by a shop or AZP Installs so that on the day of the event there are no suprises.  If your vehicle cannot pass our safety tech we unfortunately cannot offer a refund of any kind.  As a participant it is your responsibility to bring a safe vehicle that meets our criteria.  Any questions prior to the event fee free to e-mail us and we will do our best to help get the questions answered and any issues resolved.

Behavior at the Facilities:

The organizers reserve the right to remove, restrict or prohibit any guest, attendee or vehicle from the event at their discretion without refund. We expect everyone on site to act in a mature adult manner while on site. This includes any excessive drifting on track, burnouts, donuts, speeding in the paddock, or any other activity that we deem inappropriate.